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Maan and Tony Junior have not been a couple for almost two years, but the singer remains ‘the love of his life’. The DJ tells this in conversation with RUMAGTV, in which he was a guest to talk about his search for the true in The Bachelor. “She is the love of my life and she always will be.”

Tony Junior entered a new season of the dating show The Bachelor looking for the truth. Dozens of women tried to win his heart and for a moment it even seemed that he had found love with 24-year-old Julia, who was proclaimed Miss Netherlands last week. However, in the reunion episode that appeared on Videoland yesterday, it became painfully clear that the two are no longer together. The DJ claimed to be confused and in need of time and decided to end his relationship with Julia after several conversations.

As if that wasn’t painful enough, bachelor Maxime revealed in the same episode that she and Tony after the shooting had agreed and that there was kissing. Julia says she knew nothing about that; the DJ had told her it had been an innocent date. Maxime’s revelations put a bomb on Tony’s credibility, not only with the other single ladies, but also with viewers of The Bachelor.

That’s why Tony Junior decided to give his side of the story to RUMAGTV. According to him, he didn’t get that chance during the reunion because all the women were after him. In the interview with RUMAG, Tony said, among other things, that he had sent away public favorite India after he received a note from her friend in which Julia was blacked out. And another thing: Tony thinks Julia wasn’t as sincere as Oriana, the woman he rejected for Julia, after all.

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His good relationship with his ex Maan was also discussed. Tony still responds to photos of the singer and stated that their relationship is still strong. That was not easy for Julia. For example, she found it difficult when the DJ placed a heart-eyed emoji under a snapshot of Maan and wondered why Tony still felt that need. Tony, in turn, couldn’t understand why Julia was so concerned. “If you weigh so much on a sweet message, or no, an emoji, under an Instagram post and therefore think that I would not love you, then I think: what is the relationship based on?”

Tony’s statement also didn’t seem to be fully understood by one of the presenters, the founder of the gossip channel Fawry not Sawry. He wondered why Tony would want to do that to his ex. Tony was clear about that: ,,Because I love her dearly. Moon is the love of my life and she always will be. And she’s in my heart. I don’t want to date her, but she’s very deep. And if I see a sweet picture of her and like it, I’ll post something under it. And she with me too. I don’t need a relationship with her, but I’m very happy that she is in my life.”

No matter how passionately Tony talked about his bond with Maan, a reunion is probably out of the question. ,, Through Maan I learned what love is. Through Maan I learned that there can be two puzzle pieces that fit perfectly. Only after two and a half years, not quite.” Tony concluded: ,,We are very close to each other and are still happy to have known each other. And no one can take that away from me.”

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