‘Tony’ is still confused! The logic of ‘E-Cigarette-Marijuana’ blames the loophole for officials to redeem money clearly.

‘Tony’ is still confused! Punishment logic for ‘E-cigarettes-Marijuana’ scammed, loopholes for officials to extort – against the interests of the tobacco trade clearly

On the evening of February 7, Facebook CARE • Care, think, move Thai got a live chat with Tony Woodsome or Thaksin Shinawatra On the topic, choose to move Thai 2023 EP1: 90 days of destiny

by a period Mr Thaksin said doubtwith the lawelectronic cigarettethat possesses a high penalty Both imprisonment and fineor both As for marijuana, it’s free. Kids who smoke can sell it. There’s nothing to control. Please tell me what is the logic Smoking cigarettes causes the death of the next person or not, which has not yet been investigated, but it is certain that it is against the interests of the tobacco company. like all over the world Therefore, it is the origin of the police asking for bribes.

“The severity of the penalty doesn’t make people afraid not to commit crimes. Equal to doing and being punished for sure, although the penalty is small, but today when there is a severe penalty It is a way for officials to corrupt. Do something stupid, without logic, and when new laws are issued. Didn’t see what the old law was like. never think holistic because there is no host This fact must be hosted by the Prime Minister. The minister will host a specific branch. But today there is no responsibility for hosting. Therefore, their potential is steadily decreasing,” Mr. Thaksin said.

Mr. Thaksin said that the world is still popular with Thailand today. with the goodwill of the Thai people in welcoming visitors and the leftover food makes me want to travel with soldiers who are alone in battle I don’t know if I can fight or not. because he never fought Then how can we come to reform politics? Threatened for a moment and then no one listened. Shame on the future of our children

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According to the information, it was found that Currently, cryptocurrency investors in Thailand It is a new generation of up to 5 million people, which is an interesting number. While our house is still brave and afraid, but it is something that is inevitable. Today you have to accept and write the rules and wait. Like Bitcoin, which tends to continue to increase. including those who play stocks Therefore, I would like to advise you to be patient. Let’s recite the spell. Do not use collateral or margin to play, lose, do not sell. reasonable profit to sell Don’t be too greedy There is nothing broken like this.

The other side is the dark side of online. Today, people are deceived from applications with a total amount of more than 20,000 million baht, including 180,000 cases. But suppressing it is more difficult than cooperating. So I would like to tell all the police friends that It’s time for us to restore our dignity. If next October onwards If the Pheu Thai Party comes up, I can assure you that there will be absolutely nothing to make a living with the appointment and transfer.

Therefore, when there is no cost Must work for the people today, such as the commander position. The price is still up to 30-40 million baht. Today, our house in the underground economy is worth a trillion baht. Gen. Prayut, who has not long left, if dares, put it on the ground. and collecting taxes so that the money can be used to pay off the borrowed debt

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In addition, I spoke to all the diplomats that what I was most worried about was the relationship between the United States and China. The United States today does not fight itself anyway. and like a proxy war like Ukraine and Russia And now what he is worried about is Taiwan, which many believe is not at war. But the United States may use Taiwan and China, so everyone is worried about events between China and the United States. that there will be economic problems and energy prices

So it’s something that Thailand Especially our international politics. have to go back and think People’s economy is worried because FEC raises interest rates again Even if it’s not as high as before, because inflation is a big issue for us, it’s inevitable. especially the strong baht Anyone who trades with foreign countries is wary of money. Anyone who uses a lot of loans Be careful about interest rates because interest rates go up this year all year.

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