Tonton di Vidio, Live Streaming Liga 2 2021 Senin, 27 September 2021: Badak Lampung FC Vs Persekat, Jakarta – Persekat Tegal will fight against Badak Lampung FC in the first week League 2 2021/2022, Monday (27/9/2021).

Persekat Tegal duel against Badak Lampung FC is a group B match League 2 This season, which was held at the Bung Karno Intermediate Stadium, Senayan, Jakarta.

Both teams will show each other their best. Persekat Tegal has made thorough preparations to face this match.

“Sunday (26/9) afternoon, the Banteng Loreng squad carried out official training at the Madya Stadium, Senayan for final preparations ahead of the inaugural match against Badak Lampung FC, Monday (27/6) this afternoon,” reads the club’s official Instagram caption.

Persekat Tegal insists that they do not want to lose against Badak Lampung FC in this season’s League 2, a competition that has been long awaited.

“The first game is never easy. But we didn’t lose. WL. Start!” wrote the club’s official Instagram caption.

The Badak Lampung FC team admitted that they had good preparations for the inaugural League 2 match against Persekat Tegal.

“So far our preparations are getting better and stronger. Our preparation starts from the physical, mental and tactical,” said Badak Lampung FC coach Budiardjo Thalib quoted from the club’s Youtube.

The live streaming link of Liga 2 2021 Persekat vs Badak Lampung FC is available on the second page of this article.

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