Tons extra for expansion of the royal crypt: ‘Construction setback’ | Inland

According to Uslu, the work is still going according to schedule, but extra money is needed due to a construction setback. The Ministry of General Affairs is making the cut and is making 250,000 euros available. The Royal House itself will transfer 100,000 euros.

“The additional costs are caused by unforeseen structural problems with the foundation of the church. The elaboration costs of the archaeological research were also higher because more finds than expected during the excavation were made that need to be investigated,” says Uslu. It was previously announced that the total contribution from the government amounts to approximately 3.6 million euros.

The crypt – which, unlike many royal crypts abroad, is not open to the public – is located under the choir of the church. Since the burial of William of Orange in 1584, almost all members of the House of Orange-Nassau rest with their husbands (embalmed or not) in the cellar. The late Prince Friso was the first in a long series of deceased Oranges not interred but buried in Lage Vuursche in 2013.

With the burials of Prince Claus (2002), Princess Juliana and Prince Bernhard (2004), the maximum capacity of the burial vault has almost been reached. In the extension of the burial vault, space will be created for more than twenty burials. The intention is to have the new cellar ready this year.

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