Toni Kroos Unravels ‘Cunning’ UEFA and FIFA


Toni Kroos ill right with UEFA and FIFA. He condemned the two global football bodies. About what?

Midfielder Real Madrid it seems to criticize the number of international tournaments that players consider tiring. Kroos felt that the players were only being used.

UEFA in 2018 initiated the tournament UEFA Nations League, namely the interstate league. Even though at the same time, there was an event World Cup 2018.

The situation is getting more difficult in 2020, because football is being held in the midst of a pandemic. All schedules are compact, from league titles, to international tournaments such as friendlies, European Cup qualifiers and UEFA Nations League group stage matches.

That is what makes Kroos finish criticizing UEFA and FIFA. Player German national team it said the players were treated like dolls.

“Unfortunately, players cannot decide on this. In the end, when the new competition was decided, we were just puppets of FIFA and UEFA. They just made as much money as possible and drained the players physically,” he said. Toni Kroos in a podcast Just lop, which he initiated with his younger brother, Felix Kroos, as reported ESPN.

Previously, there was also a proposal to change the format Champions League Becomes European Super League. The tournament is scheduled to be held in 2022, involving 16-18 teams and competing at least 30 times. Reportedly, Liverpool and Manchester United agreed to the tournament, which in turn generated a lot of criticism.

In fact, title Club World Cup the plan will also be expanded. A total of 24 teams will be included, which are planned for the first time in China in 2021.

“I’m happy to leave it as it should be, when it goes right. The league is a good product, with the Champions League and World Cup,” he continued, rejecting the European Super League idea.

“From a sporting point of view, maybe it looks good because we will be competing at the top level. But, the gap between small and big teams will get bigger. Everything doesn’t have to be that way, be faster, or make more money,” he explained. Toni Kroos.

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