Tomorrow, the Government Launches Simple Packaged Bulk Cooking Oil for IDR 14,000/liter

JAKARTA, – Minister of Commerce Zulkifli Hasan said it would launch Oily on Wednesday (6/7/2022).

Oil is a brand bulk cooking oil simple packaging that will be launched by the government.

“Tomorrow our friends will launching packaged oil for our Oil,” said Zulkifli Hasan while reviewing the Ciracas market in East Jakarta, Tuesday (5/7/2022).

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Zulhasas he is called, said that the price is still priced at Rp. 14,000 per liter.

As for the cost of packaging, said Zulhas, it will be the responsibility of the producer and not be borne by the consumer.

“The cost of packaging is borne by the manufacturer, so it doesn’t go up again,” said Zulhas.

Previously, the Minister of Trade Zulhas said that the ‘Minyakita’ program was a continuation of the previous program, namely Bulk Cooking Oil People aka MGCR.

He explained that the difference only lies in the packaging of cooking oil which is stronger and neater.

“The bulk cooking oil that MGCR uses is thin plastic, afraid it will break. Now, with the Oil Kita program, later on packagingit’s better. Stronger and neater,” said Trade Minister Zulhas during a market visit in Bandung as quoted by through his official broadcast, Thursday (23/6/2022).

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Zulhas further explained, the new packaging of bulk cooking oil will be much cleaner than the previous packaging. Then a packaging label of “Minyakita” will be given.

Zulhas added that later the distribution will be expanded to supermarkets.

“If you buy liters like this, you have to put it in a certain place, you have to pour it out. You have to pour it, you need another person and sometimes it can get dirty. If that’s the case, shops like minimarkets don’t want it, but if it’s packed, they’ll want to,” Zulhas explained.

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