Tomorrow Belongs to Us: The Paused Series, a Short Special Containment Episode Unveiled

Right now, we can only wonder about the intrigue to come in Tomorrow belongs to us, TF1 having chosen to deprogram his series to offer a daily news magazine “Seven to Eight” the time of the health crisis in France. For the moment, we don’t know when we can find Chloé, Maxime, Noor, Arthur and the others on our small screen. But to compensate for this absence and the requests of fans who are sorely lacking in their daily series, a few actors have teamed up to offer us an original and short version of an episode of Tomorrow belongs to us, converted to “Tomorrow is confinement”. JTresanini uliette, who lends her features to the character of Sandrine, brought together her co-stars to offer us a scene as if we were witnessing the confinement of the Lazzari family.

Thus, we find the characters of Sandrine, Victoire (Solène Hébert), Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) and Morgane (Marie Catrix) around a family meal, which, as usual in Tomorrow belongs to us, share in muddles and settling of accounts. The actors did not hesitate to play the game until the end with unexpected details that make people laugh in this uncertain and tormented period! The actors of are filmed from their home and the rather nice house rendering should delight many fans, forced to wait before discovering the rest of the series on TF1. The income generated by the video of Juliette Tresanini will be donated to the association Thank you Caregivers, a gesture that we salute. Until the return of Tomorrow belongs to us on television, we wondered if Samuel could go to jail because of Noor.

The editorial melty asks you to respect the rules put in place by the State and not to leave your home to protect your health and that of your loved ones. For questions about the Covid-19, see the official government website.



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