Tomorrow Belongs to Us: The Actors Tease the Return of the Series in a Hilarious Video

This is the question everyone is currently asking: When will tomorrow belong to us come back on TF1? Difficult for the moment to know the exact date of the return of the series, especially since even if the deconfinement is now activated, the shooting will not resume for several weeks. Sad are the fans who expected to find the intrigue of Chloé, Maxime, Antoine and the others from this May 11 on the first channel. For the moment, some actors are therefore offering viewers short new episodes on Youtube in mode “Tomorrow is confinement”, an initiative launched by Juliette Tresanini (Sandrine), all of whose income generated by the video goes to the association Thank you Caregivers, who takes care of delivering meals to caregivers. And in the very last episode of this mini-series, they teased the return of Tomorrow belongs to us !

As usual, alongside Sandrine, we find the characters of Victoire (Solène Hébert), Georges (Mayel Elhajaoui) and Morgane (Marie Catrix). This time, they celebrate the end of confinement by playing mimes, and we can hear the pretty blonde say: “My favorite series is coming back, and I’m really looking forward to it”, followed by the sentence of the character of Georges: “Especially the doctor who plays in it, I love him, too sexy”. Here both refer to Tomorrow belongs to us and Victoire, and therefore seem to announce that the series will return very soon on TF1. Can we expect a return before the end of May? For the moment, nothing is sure yet, but we will keep you posted! Waiting, we have the details on the next poignant intrigue around the rape of Amanda in Tomorrow belongs to us.



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