Tomáš Ujfaluši and Míša Ochotská: After more than ten years, do they form a couple again?

Model Michaela Ochotská accompanied her son Andreas to the final in football. Their former friend, football legend Tomáš Ujfaluši, kept them company. Between the happy photos with Míša and the little one, the question therefore arises as to whether Ujfaluši and the beautiful model got back together after more than ten years.

Former moderator Míša Ochotská and football player Tomáš Ujfaluši formed an iconic couple, but they shook the entire Czech show business when they announced their breakup in 2009. Their lives went on, Míša married tennis player Lukáš Rosol, to whom she gave birth to her son Andreas, and Tomáš dated several women, most recently with the beautiful Petra.

Over the weekend, however, Tomáš accompanied Míša and her son Andreas to the last match that the boy has been waiting for this seasonal. Míša thus prepared a nice surprise for small footballers in the form of her ex-boyfriend, who kicked for Atlético Madrid, Hamburg and Sparta.

“We say goodbye to football today, because our little ones have a final one today. And I managed to invite the biggest football star, I don’t think there are bigger stars in the Czech Republic,” the model flattered her former partner in her story on instagram.

Fans could see the couple together again and the smile definitely didn’t fade from their faces. “Obviously old love doesn’t rust …,” wrote one of Míša’s watchers under a joint photo with Tomáš. “Mischa, it suits you very well,” added another.

After the divorce from Lukáš Rosol, Michaela Ochotská withdrew, left the moderator position and moved to Moravia. Less than a year ago, Tomáš Ujfaluši shared a photo with his girlfriend Petra, but since January he has not shared any contribution with his partner.

Take a look at the interview with footballer Tomáš Ujfaluši, how he evaluated the Czech league in coronavirus:

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