Tom Waes has to be operated on after a fall with his motorcycle

Tom Waes

Foto: Photo News

Presenter Tom Waes has to undergo surgery shortly. He tore his cruciate ligaments and meniscus during a motorcycle accident, he said in the framework of the match between England and Belgium on VTM.

“I’m only human,” he says. Therefore, he couldn’t take on a physical challenge with a Red Devil, so he invited Jérémy Doku to a game of “Four in a Row”. “Isn’t it good maybe?” He asked the camera. “I can’t do anything else with that knee.”

The accident happened two days before the recording of Reizen Waes would start, Waes told the studio. “Besides, just before the end of the corona, it would have been better before.”

The operation is scheduled for December 2. Until then, he can practice on board games: it was Doku who won.

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