Tom Waes crosses (briefly) to VTM for the Red Devils

With three international matches there is a solid chunk of football on the agenda at VTM next week. And so Stef Wauters (53) again invites BVs to shed their light on the Red Devils alongside regular analysts Marc Degryse and Jan Mulder. This time they are Remco Evenepoel (20), Saïd Boumazoughe (33) and Tom Waes (51).

Remco Evenepoel comes to the studio for tonight’s exhibition game against Ivory Coast. Before he became the gold nugget of Belgian cycling, he was also a promising footballer and he even made it to the young Red Devils. Next Wednesday will slide Patseractor Saïd Boumazoughe for the Nations League match against Iceland.

But the most striking name among the trio is Tom Waes. As a loyal Antwerp fan, the TV maker knows a bit about football, but he was rarely seen on the commercial broadcaster. In 2017, the stronghold of One turned up Up against the stars, and with Wauters vs Waes he wrote TV history together with Koen Wauters by making one program for the two largest channels in Flanders. Last year, Waes returned to VTM to fool Wauters for the channel’s thirty anniversary.

On Sunday he will visit Stef Wauters’ studio to watch the match Belgium-England, and he will visit Red Devil Jérémy Doku. Waes not only asks him about his transfer to the French Rennes, but also challenges Doku to a party game.


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