Tom Rachanikkinkindek Tam Aychutima opens new love to juniors aged 8 years.

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Saw that he was lurking in silence Do you have a song with your best friend?
“Yes, I am having a single with my best friend Chutima called Song Kin Dek (laughs). Really, it’s taken from the joke that everyone I know that Brother Ae you eat children The model said there was a boyfriends like this. May be similar to us, like that with children Always come to flirt The song is written as if we have pheromones. Will be happy and hit (laughs) this single will be released soon. “

After a lot of staying with friends Until infected with eating children Have already joined the kids eating club?
“Hmmm … how? (Laughs) In fact, in the past There will always be children Will rarely have adults come to flirt Is that everyone will say Oops … dead, it’s a gang to eat kids. I will say no I don’t know Like your father Is ten years younger than us. “

This person was in a relationship. Until ready to launch?
“Usually, you have a girlfriend for a long time (laughs). Normally, you are in a relationship with someone, and you don’t open anything. There is this program that came to ask me (laughs). This time, it is not very far apart, about 8 years ago, there were 21, 23, 25, 38, 40, so this one is not much. “

How did you get to know each other with the latest boyfriend who was 8 years apart?
“Just have a chance to join each other Then she called to say hello in the morning, noon and evening before going to bed to go home. We said why not rush to go to bed. He said wait. Wait to get home first Until we keep chatting. “

With this person you’ve been together for a long time yet How long has it been?
“Been together for more than a year”

Are you considered a sweet couple?
“Sweet, really. When you start dating, you get a little confused because you won’t be dating like a friend and come and go. That is, if it’s a fan, then it’s a fan. But Eini came like what mood did not know, gradually seeped in and suddenly sent the song to listen to Jaran Manopet, we never listened to it, sister. That is very pushy. “

I say that this couple have to say they love each other every day?
“We forced her. As if going with someone We force you to say love. People over there will know that they have a girlfriend. It’s a technique. “

What can make him win our hearts? To be a girlfriend?
“He won his heart in that he took good care of us when he was sitting there working and doing things. I thought that one lady was still sitting and waiting, when he remembered, one hand would grab the leg and massage it for us. One hand will make a computer. As if we are still together, there are many things like this when going to work. Wearing high heels We will be like that B is not able to hurt my feet a lot. He would run to get his sneakers to change. When we sat him down to sit Change the shoes already. So we have a feeling that it gets a lot of your heart (smirk) 1 year that talks with him very regularly. “

In the past, I saw that he was in a relationship. Most never more than 3 years have to quit?
“It is the paranormal number that has been touched for you. Most were never more than 3 years ago. We don’t think they really exist together. But when we believe in gods About the incoming Therefore may believe that you may have this limit Let us be happy just this 3 years if the precepts are not always the same May not survive “.


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