Tom Kaulitz unpacks! “It sucks”

Tom Kaulitz, 32, and Heidi Klum, 48, have been one heart and one soul for over three years. The two regularly share cute couple snapshots on Instagram with their community. But her public life also has its downsides. Now the musician speaks openly about what bothers him most about life with the famous supermodel.

Tom Kaulitz: His love luck with the supermodel

When Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz were first seen turtling together in March 2018, many fans and media kept their liaison for a PR gag. But over time it became clear: Your feelings for one another are real! At Christmas that same year, their engagement was announced and in August 2019 they finally got married pompously. The Americans by choice show regularly on social networks with sugary snapshotsthat they are still as in love as they were on the first day:

In Amerika Klum and Kaulitz enjoy their life together with the supermodel’s children. But now and then, Heidi and Tom in particular are reminded that their lives are in public its downsides conceals.

Tom Kaulitz: He ventures his anger at paparazzi

Heidi Klum has been a real player in the international model business since 1992. This affects not only her life, but also that of her family. The top model has lived in Los Angeles for several years with her children and husband Tom Kaulitz. Klum is also a celebrity in the USA and therefore are Paparazzi constantly on the lookout for photos of the model and her loved ones. The “Tokio Hotel” musician in particular is annoyed by this persecution, as he recently reported in the new episode of his joint podcast with brother Bill Kaulitz “Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood”:

I was photographed by paparazzi again this week – while shopping for furniture. […] That’s incredible. As soon as you drive into Beverly Hills and park somewhere, all of a sudden: eight photographers! I don’t even know where they come from. They have to be at some point where you drive past, where they then follow you. This is unbeliveable. […] That sucks.

Tom is not only bothered by intruding into their privacy at the paparazzi, but also often finds the images that are created to be unfavorable:

Then they always show those sh *** paparazzi photos that look like the last sh ***, some snapshots. You can’t do it any worse.

More about Tom Kaulitz:

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