Tom Hanks said he “has no idea” when he will return to work

“As canaries in coal mines on covid-19, we are fine,” Hanks said at a virtual press conference.


The American actor Tom Hanks said on Tuesday June 30 that Hollywood “has no idea” when he will return to work while the coronavirus pandemic paralyzes the industry in the United States.

The Oscar winner for Forrest Gump and Philadelphia was the first major movie star to contract covid-19 in March, shortly before he began filming a biopic about Elvis Presley in Australia.

“As canaries in coal mines on covid-19, we are fine,” Hanks said at a virtual press conference. “We had about 10 days with very uncomfortable symptoms, although without risk to our life I am happy to say.”

Hanks said he and his wife, Rita Wilson, were fortunate to have a “model recovery,” but noted that “any number of things” could have gone wrong.

With the virus sweeping the United States, with more than 125,000 deaths and 2.5 million cases, many states have come under fire for reopening too soon.

California gave the go-ahead for resuming film shoots earlier this month, but most major Hollywood productions are still frozen, a situation Hanks doesn’t expect to change soon.

“I have no idea when I’m going to work again,” he said. “No one has a clue when he will return to work.”

“But the time will come. We just don’t know when. “

He explained that “there are financial, legal, responsibilities, as well as physical concerns about how big teams can work on the confined film sets.

Hanks explained that major productions have postponed their releases, hoping to hit the big screen later in the year and even in 2021, when studios expect the situation to be more like normal.

On Monday, as Los Angeles County was experiencing a new daily case record, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced a “hard pause” at the opening of businesses, which includes theaters.

Hanks’ WWII naval thriller Greyhound will skip the big screen entirely, after Sony sold the film as an exclusive to the Apple TV + platform.

Hanks, who wrote the script and stars in the film, admitted that it “breaks his heart” that the film will not make it to the billboards, but he assured that his streaming, from July 10, is a “salvation” to “get the movie”.

Productions have resumed in countries like Iceland, South Korea and New Zealand, but Hanks said he doesn’t know when production of Baz Luhrmann’s “Elvis” will resume.

“The answer is that no one knows, myself included,” Hanks said.


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