Tom Cruise gives away three Golden Globes. Hollywood is falling apart?

The information that Cruise will return the trophies as the first reported by the portal “Deadline”. The information was also confirmed by “Variety”. Let us remind you that the actor was nominated for the Golden Globes seven times. He won three statuettes – in 1990 for his role in “Born on July 4”, in 1997 as the best actor in a comedy or musical for “Jerry Maguire” and in 2000 as the best supporting actor for his role in “Magnolia” (1999).

The Golden Globe winner for his role in the series “I know for sure” – Mark Ruffalo – in his statement wrote that he cannot feel proud to receive the award, being aware of how the association works. Scarlett Johansson joined him today. She accused the HFPA of sexism and revealed that it was precisely due to inappropriate behavior of its members that she had not participated in the awards events during the awards season in recent years.

– As an actress promoting a film, I have to attend press conferences and awards galas. In the past, this has often meant dealing with sexist questions and comments from certain HFPA members that have oscillated on the verge of harassment she said, referring to Harvey Weinstein. – The HFPA is an organization that has been legitimized by individuals like Harvey Weinstein to gain recognition from the American Film Academy, and the entire industry has followed suit. I believe that unless the association carries out fundamental reforms, it is time for all of us to stop supporting the HFPA and focus on developing solidarity and unity in our industry, she added.

This is not the end of the HFPA’s bad streak. Netflix broke off cooperation with her. – Voting is an important first step. However, we do not believe these proposed new rules said Ted Sarandos, the head of the platform. – We have not worked with the HFPA since the first disclosure of digesting problems to the organization. Like the rest of the film industry, we expect honest and meaningful solutions before we can get back to working together, commented Amazon CEO Jennifer Salke.

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which awards the Golden Globe Awards, is currently undergoing an image crisis. All because of the accusations of lack of racial diversity – the association is accused of not having a single black person among its members, which is contrary to modern standards of equality and anti-discrimination. – Throw in brothers and sisters – director and screenwriter Spike Lee appealed.

Publicity in the media led to a reaction from the HFPA. In March, its representatives announced that, with the help of an independent expert, they would take appropriate steps to increase racial diversity within their ranks. A few days ago, they announced a detailed reform plan assuming, among others, employing members of a skin color other than white and prohibiting the acceptance of gifts from sponsors, which in recent years has led to them being accused of corruption.

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