Tokyo warning. Adam Ondra found himself after three years of climbing on the difficulty of the conqueror

Adam Ondr did not succeed in the finals of climbing at the World Cup in Innsbruck on difficulty, after the early slip he finished the last eighth.

The 28-year-old Czech favorite had previously won the qualification and the semifinals and had not lost at major events in this discipline since 2018, when he was second at the World Championships in Innsbruck.

Ondra started last in the final eight. He slipped for the first time after about a minute of climbing and hung on his left hand, a few tens of seconds later he was no longer on the wall. The Austrian Jakob Schubert rejoiced at the victory. The Czech hope for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, where it will compete in combination, thus recorded the worst position in difficulty since the tenth place at the World Championships in 2015.

Ondra, a native of Brno, did not start in Innsbruck in his second strong bouldering discipline, in which he won the opening two races of this year’s World Championships. The Czech climber wanted to save his shoulder, which he injured during the second triumph in Salt Lake City.

In addition to Ondra, Martin Stráník and Eliška Adamovská also advanced to the semifinals, occupying the twelfth place. The next three World Championships in climbing on difficulty are scheduled for July before the start of the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

SP in sport climbing in Innsbruck – difficulty:

Men: 1. Schubert (AUT), 2. Ghisolfi (It.), 3. Lehmann (Switzerland),… 8. Ondra, 12. Partisan, 46. Jeliga, 61. Simon Potucek, 78. Štěpán Potůček (all CR).

Women: 1. Garnbret (Slovenia), 2. Raboutou (USA), 3. Nogučiová (JPN),… 12. Adamovská, 47. Cream, 62. Širůčková (all CR).



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