Tokyo Stock Market: Nikkei closed up 609.31 points | RYT9

The Nikkei Index closed up to a 30-year high, fueled by hopes of a recovery in the world economy. After the United States has made progress in issuing new economic stimulus measures to mitigate the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Kyodo news agency reported that The Nikkei Index closed at 29,388.50, surging 609.31 or + 2.12%, with the Nikkei Index closing at its highest since Aug. 3, 1990, or its highest in 30 years.

Stocks rallied on the day, led by iron and steel stocks. Mining group And marine transport groups

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen expressed confidence that Employment in the United States will fully expand again in 2022 if President Joe Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion stimulus comes into force.

Last Friday The US House of Representatives has approved a budget bill. That will allow Democrats to push forward President Joe’s $ 1.9 trillion stimulus package. Biden passed Congress without the support of Republicans.

Mrs. Nancy Pelosi, President of the US House of Representatives, expects Laws to treat the effects of COVID-19 May be approved by Congress before March 15, the day the measures to help the unemployed affected by the epidemic will expire.



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