Tokyo 2020, weightlifting: Pizzolato takes bronze | News

The Sicilian lifts 365 kg and closes in third place. Gold went to the Chinese Lyu Xiaojun ahead of the Dominican Zacarias Bonnat Michel

Weightlifting still gives Italy emotions and medals at the Tokyo Olympics. Antonino Pizzolato in fact he wins the bronze in the test of the 81 kg, with a very high level performance in which he lifted 365 kg in the sum of the jerk (165 kg, Italian record) and the momentum (200 kg). Gold to Chinese Lyu Xiaojun, 374 kg total, silver to the Dominican Zacarias Bonnat Michel. For Italy medal number 24.

The Italy of weightlifting continues to give Tokyo satisfactions. After the silver of Giorgia Bordignon in the 64 kg and the bronze of Mirko Zanni in the 67 kg, the splendid bronze of Antonino Pizzolato in the 81 kg. The Sicilian lifts 365 kg in the sum of the two races, with the Italian record of 165 kg in the snatch and 200 kg in the momentum. However, they are not enough to beat the great performances of the Chinese Lyu Xiaojun and the Dominican Zacarias Bonnat Michel, respectively gold and silver.

The Sicilian chooses to start his Olympic final with 165 kilograms as the first weight. Brave decision, which he has never lifted in his career in the tear, but demonstrates the great confidence in his means: only the Chinese Lyu Xiaojun, great favorite, decides to make his debut with such an important weight. The first attempt of the blue fails, the second is the good one: with 165 kg, Pizzolato marks the new Italian category record in the tear. The last lift, of 168 kg, fails, but the tear still closes with an excellent result. In fact, only Lyu Xiaojun is better than him, capable of lifting 170 kg, while the Turkmen Rejepbay Rejepov, third, does not go over 164 kg.

Pizzolato’s great confidence is confirmed in the momentum, in which he chooses the heaviest weight of all for the first attempt: 200 kg. The Trapani player hits the target and puts pressure on his opponents. As a second weight he opts for 203 kg, which he manages to lift but with an invalid movement, which makes the measurement null. At the last attempt, Pizzolato tested 210 kg, eager to aim high: the test proved too difficult for him, but the total of 365 kg still earned him the bronze. Second Olympic gold for the Chinese Lyu Xiaojun (with 370 kg total), who had triumphed in London and had been silver in Rio, while closing according to the Dominican Zacarias Bonnat Michel (367 kg). In any case, Italy celebrates its twenty-fourth medal in this edition of the Olympic Games, fourteenth in bronze.



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