Tokopedia Gives Consumer Gifts for Laptops – Cheaper Mobile Phones

Tokopedia guarantee the price of electronic products such as laptops and laptops cell phone clever (smartphone) on the Tokopedia Tekno page is the cheapest. Unicorn this will give a gift to consumers, if they find a cheaper price in e-commerce other.

The prize is a Tokopedia Gift Card. “This can be used to shop again at Tokopedia,” said Head of Category Development Tokopedia Fransiscus Leo Chandra during a virtual media briefing, Tuesday (10/8).

Based on the Tokopedia Tekno page, the Gift Card given is in the form of OVO points of IDR 50 thousand. It will be sent via email filled in the claim form no later than two weeks.

The lowest price guarantee is valid for August 2-7. If you find a similar product cheaper at Shopee, Loop, and Blibli, consumers can submit claims and fill out forms on the Tokopedia Tekno page.

Based on that page, products that can be claimed must be in new condition in terms of specifications, colors, sizes, conditions, bundling or packages, warranty types, and other variations. Regarding the condition, what is meant is that it is sealed in a box and not a product refurbish or updated.

During claim submission, the stock of the product being compared on Shopee, Lazada, and Blibli, must be in available status.

Products compared are not wholesale prices. In addition, instead of the final price of the voucher discount, the cash back (cashback), credit card promotions.

Claims also only apply to the first 10 consumers who submit per day, from Wednesday to Friday. If after two weeks do not receive email, means the claim failed.

Tokopedia also provides a condition that the product submitted for the claim is available from a seller who has been active in selling for more than six months. In addition, have at least 30 reviews rated at least four stars, and over 500 products sold.

Leo said that the electronic product category was one of the public’s favorites during the second quarter. The best-selling products purchased are earphone, loudspeaker (speaker), mouse, cell phone charger, and tripod.

But Leo was reluctant to detail the increase in transactions for these items. “But we see people’s enthusiasm for local products such as Advan and In-Line LED during the corona pandemic,” he said.

Most buyers of electronic products come from Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi (Jabodetabek). However, there was a significant increase in transactions in Papua and Kalimantan.



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