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photo_news Tokio Hotel in 2008.

Fifteen years ago, the German band Tokio Hotel released ‘Durch den Monsun’ to the world. A monster hit that put the band on the map worldwide. To celebrate that birthday, Tokio Hotel made a new version of the song.

The plan was actually to make an acoustic version or remix of ‘Durch den Monsun’, the group tells the German N-TV. “But somehow that wasn’t the right thing to do,” explains frontman Bill Kaulitz. That’s why the band took over. “We thought about what ‘Monsun’ would sound like when we first saw it. would be recording in 2020. In a matter of minutes that beat was there, and it sounded like a journey – just as we have always interpreted the song. ”

According to bassist Georg Listing, the group cherishes warm memories of the song. “’Monsun’ is not only a reminder of the year 2005, but it is also the song that has really accompanied us over the past 15 years. We connect all the great successes we have celebrated over the years with this number. We played it on the French National Day under the Eiffel Tower in front of 500,000 people, put it on our first American show and on every subsequent tour. It was always the highlight. ”

A new Tokio Hotel album should be released next year. The boys also hope to be able to go on tour again.


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