Todt: F1 engines may be less complex due to the arrival of e-fuels

6:50 – Jean Todt thinks the current technology in Formula 1 is too complicated, but he sees light at the end of the tunnel. If the sport starts to run on synthetic fuels in the future, that may provide an opening to make the engines less complicated.

Formula 1 has been using technologically advanced V6 turbo engines with a hybrid component since 2014. Those powertrains are so complicated that the FIA ‚Äč‚Äčoccasionally struggles to prove that all teams act within the limits of the regulations. FIA president Jean Todt also believes that Formula 1 is too complex, although he sees that this complexity is not limited to F1. “How difficult do you think it is to monitor the Balance of Performance in the sportscars and the GT classes?” He said in conversation with Auto, Motor und Sport.

The current powerplants will be used in Formula 1 until 2025, but it is still unclear what the engine formula of the future will look like. It is, however, certain that F1 wants to be climate neutral by 2030. One of the things that the sport will look at for this is driving with synthetic fuels. According to Todt, this offers a way out to make the F1 less complicated in some areas. “If we manage to use e-fuels from 2023, we will also be more flexible when it comes to choosing the architecture of the engine. Then you can think of a less complex drive, as long as it remains efficient. . “

Expansion F1 grid not yet on the agenda
Earlier this month it also became clear that potential new Formula 1 teams in the future will have to put on the table an amount of 200 million dollars, which will then be divided among the current teams. This is to compensate for the dilution of the prize money, but above all to ensure that new teams also have serious intentions. “I would rather have twelve than ten teams, but at the moment this amount is a kind of guarantee that the entrant is also serious”, says Todt. “Once the new system is consolidated with the budget cap, we can discuss whether we want to increase the club with teams. We couldn’t put that in the contract now. It was a huge job to adapt the Concorde treaty to the changed circumstances. . “

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