Tod’s, LVMH buys 2.25 million shares and rises to 10% – Ultima Ora


(ANSA) – ROME, APRIL 22 – “LVMH increases the stake already held in Tod’s by up to 10%”; “With this operation, the twenty-year friendship between the Arnault family and the Della Valle family is consolidated”, announces a note.

Diego Della Valle & C, a company controlled by Diego Della Valle, has signed a contract with Delphine, a company wholly owned by LVMH, for the sale of 2,250,000 Tod’s shares, equal to 6.80% of the share capital. LVMH already owns 3.2% of Tod’s capital. Following the completion of the transaction, which will be followed on April 28, Diego Della Valle will hold, directly and indirectly, a stake equal to 63.64% of the share capital of Tod’s and LVMH will hold a stake equal to 10.00% ” .

“The friendship with Diego Della Valle and his family dates back over 20 years. It is a strong bond, cemented by common human and professional values. We are very happy to strengthen this partnership even more”, comments Bernard Arnault.

And Diego Della Valle says: “” I am very happy, with this operation, to consolidate a friendship that has binded me and my family to Bernard and his family for over 20 years. Sharing the values ​​of luxury, quality and product desirability could be an excellent reason to think about possible opportunities to be seized together in the future “. (ANSA).


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