Toddler kidnapped who survived cable car drama, Italy investigates

Eitan is the only one of the 15 occupants who the tragedy with the Italian funicular in May. His father probably saved his life by breaking Eitan’s fall with his own body. The toddler was seriously injured, ended up in a coma, but recovered.

He was released from hospital in June and has since lived with his father’s sister, a doctor who also has two children of his own. But Eitan’s mother’s family disagrees. According to them, the boy should grow up in Israel.

Custody lawsuit

That’s why they put a lawsuit with which they hoped to gain custody of Eitan. Much to their chagrin, they lost the case and Eitan remained in Italy.

The family from Israel did receive visitation rights. For example, the maternal grandfather visited his grandchild last Saturday. He would take it with him for a while, but then didn’t bring it back. He would have taken Eitan to Israel with a private jet and his Israeli passport.

‘A new tragedy’

Eitan’s Italian aunt has reported the kidnapping, invoking the Hague Child Abduction Convention, which states that an abducted child must return to the country from which he or she was taken as soon as possible. She called it ‘a new tragedy for Eitan’ to the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera.

Eitan’s Israeli family confirms that he has arrived in Israel, but denies that he was kidnapped. “We didn’t kidnap Eitan, we brought him home,” they told Israel’s Radio 103FM yesterday. They also claimed that Eitan’s parents wanted to return to Israel before the crash.


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