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Todd Kaplan: “We went against most marketing tactics”

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—How did the idea of ​​the campaign with Wendy’s come about?
“It was fun for us as a brand.” We were in the middle of developing a larger campaign called #BetterWithPepsi to reinforce the role Pepsi plays in enhancing the taste of a variety of foods. And while we’ve always known hamburgers taste better with Pepsi, we also understood an unspoken cultural truth that was at odds with it: For decades, America’s top three burger chains have offered limited beverage options to consumers, without empower them to enjoy their burgers with a frozen Pepsi. We then connected this idea to a separate workflow that had initially started as a creative graphic exercise exploring how our Pepsi logo might look in the context of other elements. As a challenging brand, we wanted to lean on this tension and be a bit provocative in the way we creatively brought this concept to life, which is how you see the result we have today.

“What were the specific objectives you sought with her?”
—One of our biggest goals was to raise awareness that the three major hamburger chains and other fast food restaurants are not served by us, and empower consumers to make their own decisions about how to best optimize their choice of food. cola with food choices. Taking advantage of the images and creativity that we developed for this campaign, we thought it was important to reinforce that, while Pepsi may not always be on the menu with your favorite burger, it is always in the image. The main objective of this work is to reinforce the broader campaign that we launched at the beginning of the month, which deals with Pepsi’s role with food, called #BetterWithPepsi. This includes a series of Spanish-language focused banner ads featuring ad creatives with the brand’s tagline: Better with Pepsi. The campaign and the emblematic places of Hispanic foods such as tacos, carne asada, guacamole, empanadas and more, appear in different scenarios; hang out in the backyard, watch soccer together with family and friends, enjoy a timeless family meal on Sundays, and more. We know Pepsi lovers are unapologetic about how they enjoy their food, and we want to make sure that as you make your food or meal choices, you remember which foods pair best with Pepsi, from burgers to tacos and everything in between. That’s why we offered to pay for a Pepsi with any burger in this run, no matter where it’s from, to reinforce the product truth that all burgers simply go better with Pepsi.

– What were the main obstacles to overcome?
“At the end of the day, what we did goes against most marketing tactics: We encouraged people to go for burgers from any restaurant, including those that might not serve Pepsi. But our strategic approach ensured that the hurdle became an asset, to ensure that consumers really understood the joy of the campaign and that the images we were using conveyed exactly what we wanted – although Pepsi may not always be on the menu. with your favorite burger, it is always in the picture. It is exactly these nuances and details that Pepsi fans not only love about the brand, they expect from us.

– What results have obtained so far?
—This creativity has subtly but powerfully brought awareness to an unarticulated cultural truth and has empowered an entire group of consumers to take control of their own beverage brand decisions as they seek to enjoy their food to the fullest. We have seen a positive response from consumers and people across the industry and a large part of the reason this resonated is due to its timeliness – the launch of this campaign around National Hamburger Day, in the period Leading up to Memorial Day weekend, one of the biggest burger and cola weekends of the year, they really brought it all together.


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