Today’s Stock Exchanges, December 2nd. US labor beats expectations and knocks down Wall Street. Takeover bid by De Agostini on DeA Capital

Europe tied towards the middle of the session

Stock market changed little in the middle of the session, with the share slowly rising close to parity. The Ftse Mib index marks -0.06% at 24,671 points. Piazza Affari in the wake of the other European stock exchanges but a step behind Frankfurt, in a climate that remains of general expectation for the crucial US data on employment which will be released in the early afternoon. Oil products remain weak on the list, also conditioned by the imminent launch of the EU embargo on Russian oil. Eni marks a drop of 1.4%, Tenaris down 2.7%. Among other energy sources, Enel did well, Hera on +0.9%, A2A +1.3%.

The auto sector fell after yesterday’s registration data, with Stellantis losing 1.65. Pirelli down 0.8%. Among the other blue chips, Tim scores -0.9%, financial assets under management did well with Fineco +0.9%, Mediolanum +1.4%, Banca Generali +1.5%. Generali is also up, while Unipol loses 1.9%.
Among the banks Bper down with -1.5%, Bpm -0.5%.

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