Today’s session was characterized by an important event involving Borsa Italiana

While the Milan Stock Exchange changes hands, Piazza Affari remains immobile. Day of reflection for the Milanese list, which closes practically unchanged. But today’s session was characterized by an important event involving Borsa Italiana. Here is the analysis of the day of the Bag Projections Experts.

Today’s session was characterized by an important event involving Borsa Italiana

Today the Milan Stock Exchange has changed hands. The company, which was owned by the London Stock Exchange, is now in the hands of the Euronext group. The sale took place for approximately 4.3 billion euros. The London company made a bargain, selling our price list for three times the price it bought it for in 2007.

What changes for Italian savers? Little or nothing. But, the Milan Stock Exchange has become part of a group that also holds the Paris and Amsterdam stock exchanges. Therefore, in theory, investing in these lists should be easier and relatively inexpensive.

The news did not in the least shake the prices on the stock exchange, which closed unchanged. The Ftse Mib index (INDEX:FTSEMIB), finished at 19,588 points, practically where he closed yesterday.

Flat seat in Milan, more effervescent in Europe

Since the Friday session is often prone to selling, the fact that prices have not fallen can look good news. In reality it is not so good if we look at the performance of the other exchanges.

Apart from the German Dax index, which closed down 0.1%, Paris and London closed with appreciation of around 0.7%. The European Euro Stoxx index itself gained 0.5%.

Why did the Milan Stock Exchange slow down? Because today, the banks were once again missing. The profit-taking took place on these, after the appreciation of the previous sessions. Unicredit sold by 1.7%, Banco BPM by 1.3%, Mediobanca by 1%. While Intesa defended itself and gained 0.2%.


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