Today’s Sejong-daero · Yeouido Grand Gathering… Anticipating traffic congestion

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    Today (22nd), large-scale demonstrations will be held in Sejong-daero and Yeouido, Seoul, and severe traffic congestion is expected.

    According to the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, the National Union of Construction Workers of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions will hold a preliminary rally at 10:00 today at the section between Sungnyemun Gate and the Samsung Main Building in Sejong-daero.

    Starting at 13:30, an all-out fight resolution rally will be held between Mapo Bridge and Seoul Bridge in Yeoui-daero.

    The construction union intends to press for the enacting of the special construction safety law for the safety of construction workers at the rally, and it is expected that 20,000 people will attend the pre-assembly, and 40,000 people will attend the rally for the resolution of the total struggle.

    The police operate Sejong-daero with only two lanes in the direction of Sungnyemun during rallying hours.

    In the case of Yeouido-daero, the main road in front of the meeting place will run in the direction of Seoul Bridge, and the auxiliary road will run in the direction of the city center.

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