Today’s horoscope, Thursday 17 September 2020 – Forecasts for all signs

Today’s horoscope

L’today’s horoscope Thursday 17 September 2020. We have passed the first half of the week and we are getting closer and closer to the next weekend. What will this Thursday be like? What signs will be protected by the stars? L’Aries and it Scorpio they will have the impression of walking on eggshells. A bureaucratic quibble will slow down the Lion’s work. THE Fishes they will have good ideas and insights. If you want to find out more, read today’s horoscope, sign by sign.

Horoscope for today Thursday 17 September 2020: signs of fire

According to today’s horoscope Aries: You will have to be careful not to provoke a family argument. Be patient, the confirmations you want will come soon. Leone: you could run into a bureaucratic and legal problem. Keep calm. Sagittario: if you are not careful, you risk having a fight with a work colleague. Choose the path of diplomacy.

Today’s horoscope Thursday 17 September 2020: earth signs

Toro: new conflicts could arise in the family linked to practical problems. Be careful! Virgin: you will feel out of sorts, perhaps even burdened by many responsibilities. Capricorn: it will be a day that will allow you to recover in love.

Horoscope today Thursday 17 September 2020: air signs

Gemini: If you are in a broken relationship, you may feel very impatient and melancholy. Weight scale: it will be a rather chaotic day. You will have to juggle a lot of work commitments and tensions in the couple. aquarium: economic problems, perhaps some of your crazy spending, could trigger a discussion in the family.

Today’s horoscope Thursday 17 September 2020: signs of water

According to today’s horoscope Cancer: you will feel that you have found a beautiful harmony in the family. Scorpio: It will take a lot of patience in love and in family. Your nervousness will make you jump for a trifle. Fishes: you will have many ideas in your head. It is time to work hard to put them into practice.

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