Today’s horoscope, Monday 12 October 2020 – Forecasts for all signs

Today’s horoscope

Here is theToday’s horoscope Monday 12 October 2020. We are about to start a new week. What novelties will the stars reserve for the signs of the zodiac? The Leone will find a lot of strength and determination, while theaquarium will have to deal with its ups and downs. Some uncertainties will risk blocking the Sagittario, the Virgin will be blessed with luck. If you want to know more, read today’s horoscope, dedicated to all the zodiac signs.

Today’s horoscope monday 12 october 2020: fire signs

Aries: according to today’s horoscope, the Moon will give you a good dose of energy. Use it to overcome difficulties at work. Leone: you will be full of strength, determination and desire to get involved. Interesting opportunities in sight. Sagittario: Although you may feel uncertain and unconvinced about what you are doing, the stars encourage you to move on, to work on your projects. The results will come!

Today’s horoscope Monday 12 October 2020: earth signs

Toro: despite some small hitches, the day will be very interesting, both in love and at work. Virgin: you will have a host of stars ready to cheer for you. New successes are expected. Capricorn: you are about to receive important news about work, a conefrma you have been waiting for for some time.

Today’s horoscope Monday 12 October 2020: air signs

Gemini: according to today’s horoscope you will be very absorbed by some outstanding issues. Try to deal with them, keeping calm. Weight scale: finally you will feel in good shape and full of motivation. You will be ready to begin your recovery. aquarium: You will have to cope with a lot of agitation and maybe even a little tiredness. Hold on! During the weekend you can recharge your batteries.

Today’s horoscope Monday 12 October 2020: signs of water

Cancer: even if there are still doubts, you will gradually begin to regain strength and confidence in yourself. Some will be less willing to compromise. Scoirpione: Mercury in your sign will help you recover the money lost in the past months. In love try to keep your tongue in check! Fishes: new tensions are likely to arise in the couple. If so, try to use a lot of caution.

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