Today’s horoscope


Try to be a person of high morals with colleagues and do not take actions that are not guaranteed results.

the bull

If you are facing problems and crises in your professional field, this requires you to be more careful about getting rid of them.


The new moon in Sagittarius speaks of a change on the horizon that indicates the end of a stage or something important in your life that will help you achieve professional stability.


The new moon in Sagittarius makes you sure about some things, ask questions and go check some data.

the lion

Be in the strongest position, but don’t take advantage of it, you can’t have everything.


The advice comes from some mature people, listen to them and learn from the experiences of those older than you and don’t underestimate what they tell you.


The new moon in Sagittarius inspires you to adventure, speaks of romance and a sweet atmosphere, and makes a good impression on your surroundings.

The scorpion

The triangle between Jupiter and Saturn forms a good horoscope with the new moon in Sagittarius, which can mean material profit or a one-time deal with which you go out.

the bow

Provide a service to those who ask and do not shun it, as it may positively come back to you later and your dreams will come true at the speed you aspire to.


If you want to take a step or an initiative, do it today because the chances of success appear to be more fortunate.


Prudence and precaution are mandatory, above all because the days to come could be hard, uncalculated and reserve unpleasant surprises.


The new moon in Sagittarius invites you to be cautious about an initiative that some of them are pushing you towards and you feel comfortable with some of the groups you belong to.


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