World Today, the term of office of the Prosecutor General...

Today, the term of office of the Prosecutor General of Kalnmeier expires – in Latvia


The term of office of the Prosecutor General Eriks Kalnmeier expires today, while the term of office of the new Prosecutor General Juris Stukans will start from Sunday, the prosecutor’s office has clarified.

Kalnmeier has been the Prosecutor General since 2010. Prior to that, he held the position of Chief Prosecutor of the Criminal Division of the Criminal Justice Department of the General Prosecutor’s Office.

On June 18, the Saeima unanimously approved the Chairman of the Criminal Court Chamber of the Riga Regional Court as the Prosecutor General of Stukāni. On Friday, he took an oath before the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.

Stukans has previously announced that under his leadership, the prosecutor’s office will face major reforms.


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