TODAY / More than 300 compatriots arrive today from Madrid

In an interview with 1000 AM radio, the epidemiologist Guillermo Sequera mentioned that the cases without a link reflect the viral circulation in the community, since it shows that person who was not traveling and who claims not to have contacted another infected person.

“Many times the person has respiratory symptoms, he consults, he tests himself preventively, he tests positive, he is scared and he denies that this is possible, they even say that he got the virus. In some cases they do say they were in contact with another when we put together the entire film, ”he explained.

Regarding whether the source of contagion (contact) of the eight new cases can be found without a link, Sequera said that it will be difficult to say later that they do indeed have a link because the Health Surveillance team does an exhaustive investigation first. “Today we have more time to go talking to those without links. Before, Minister Julio Mazzoleni used to launch the tweet at night and we had very little time to identify the contagion tree, but now, as it is day ago, we have more time to analyze, “he stressed.

The interviewee stressed that the latter without a link are related to social events during long holidays, such as Mother’s Day, so he begged citizens not to relax in terms of prevention measures.

He cited that the above will be a main point to keep in mind when advancing to phase three. In this regard, he said that there are regions of the country such as the Chaco that may be advancing, but Asunción and Central are not, because they are areas that are becoming dangerous due to the latest cases without a link. “The official evaluation date of the second phase of the quarantine is the following week, we do not want to go back and we want to reinforce the message to the public so that this does not get out of control,” he said.

On the other hand, he said that at the moment that scenario that was displayed in March for this time of year is far away, since there were no massive infections. However, he stressed that it is dangerous to say that the virus is “kangy” (weak) because winter is coming and the country has not yet passed the wave. In some countries it was noted that the virus stops spreading after the waves, but in these cases they had more than 100,000 deaths.

Sequera believes that if prevention measures continue, it will be possible to control the high peak of the disease in our country. Whenever one has symptoms of a cold, one is already a suspect of COVID, so he recommended calling 154 and keeping the rest at home.

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