Today, millions of minks have been killed and coronavirus mutations have been transmitted to humans Svt

Code Dnsko will kill its entire population of nork tajc and 17 million invites. They developed a coronavirus mutation that has spread to humans and is less sensitive to antibodies. That could dream of future vaccinations, said Prime Minister Mette Frederiksenov at the press conference, according to Reuters.


Health series poured strains of resistant virus in humans and mines. We have a great responsibility to our own population, but when we now find the mutation, we have a responsibility to the rest of the world, politics said.

According to Reuters, the series revealed five cases of a new strain of the virus on Norwegian farms and 12 cases in humans.

The mutated virus in mink threatened the effectiveness of the future vaccine, warned Frederiksenov and warned of the risk of the mutant virus spreading from Denmark to other countries.

The coronavirus mutation has been detected in laboratory tests by the state of the art for vaccines and is also available from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

WHO crisis expert Mike Ryan called on a thorough scientific investigation into the complex problem of transmitting the virus from people to minks and back to humans.

The country, which is one of the largest mink breeders in the world, announced last week that it would spend about one million minks due to the coronavirus. However, this was not a well-known case in which people would be infected with coronavirus on farms. The ground is trying to dispose of infected pieces since July.

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The police, army and guards will now be deployed to speed up the process, said Frederiksenov.

The councils stated that in some areas of northern Denmark, where there are a large number of Norwegian farms, there will be stricter application restrictions and intensified routing.

The worst scene is a new pandemic coming from Denmark, said Kare Molbak, director of the Vaccine Institute. According to him, a virus with a reduced sensitivity to countertops is considered to be at most high.

Nakaen minks were also killed in the Netherlands and Spain, according to Reuters. Thus, the Netherlands has reported several cases of coronavirus transmission from invites to humans. At the end of August, the Dutch government decided to fully ban the mink breeding of minks. VR is a business from the Koein family.


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