‘Točka’ cultural space of contemporary art, theater and dance is being built in Sarkandaugava


From August 21 to October 18, in the premises of the former rubber products factory “Provodniks”, in the current Edmund von Trompovsksky quarter, a new contemporary art cultural space “Točka” will create its home.

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The new cultural place is created by a new generation of professionals who have already proven themselves in the Latvian environment – director and producer Beatrise Zaķe, set designer and director Pamela Butāne, choreographer Rūdolfs Patriks Gediņš, philosopher Pēteris Andrušaitis, designer Klāvs Priedītis and others, informs the portal “Delfi” .

The five-storey building in Sarkandaugava is unique, almost 50,000 square meters. The program of the premises will cover the three floors of the building, where theater and contemporary dance performances and residencies, visual arts and discussion events of young Latvian professionals will take place.

Young artists will exhibit their work on several floors of the building, looking for answers to the question of what values ​​society needs today and what remnants of the past we must finally give up.

The project was created during a difficult world situation and conditions with the aim of supporting artists, as well as reminding the public that culture is also an integral part of the daily life of a healthy-minded country.

Within two months, the goal is to create a unique state micromodel, in which young artists express both personal opinions on issues that concern them and philosophically reflect on the prevailing trends in society, explains Zaķe.

The full program of the premises and information about the participants will be published on July 31.

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