Tobby Addison: How A TikTok Creator Shows The Life of Blind People & Overcomes Adversity

Tobby is one of the pretty popular creators on the social network TikTok, but he’s not nearly as famous as some of the others. His videos are very specific, in them he shows how blind people live and how he himself copes with this adversity. The video, in which he describes his experience at the gym, was created back in February, but it has only now become widely known.

In it, a young Brit says that he was working out on the machine that day and suddenly heard a woman’s voice: “Do you like the view?” Tobby had no idea that it was his, but after a while the voice came close to him: “Why on are you staring at me?’

Tobby tried in vain to explain that maybe he didn’t look like that, but that he was actually almost blind, so his eyes were often straight ahead. However, the woman insisted that he was staring at her and scaring her. She called the fitness staff and he brought Tobby out.

In the comments, people expressed their support for the young man, and some were surprised that the woman in question was not convinced even by a blind stick. “During the exercise, I had it folded, but then I left with it,” he explained the futility of the situation.

How can he play football?

However, he did not surrender to fate and publishes photos and videos in which he describes, for example, various problems in everyday life and the ways in which he solves them. And for example, on his Instagram profile @blindtobes, you can see a short video about how blind people can play soccer.

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2023-06-08 11:33:11
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