To the monastery brother: Insolvency administrator closes Anklamer inn

The insolvency administrator of the Anklamer “Klosterbruder” host confirms the insolvency and the cessation of the restaurant business.


The Greifswald lawyer Jörg Sievers, as the insolvency administrator of the Anklamer “Klosterbruder” -wirt, has now officially confirmed the insolvency proceedings. As part of the general publications of the Neubrandenburg district court, the bankruptcy of Anklamer Gastronomen A. was recently announced. According to his insolvency administrator, A. is liable as a sole proprietor within the scope of this procedure with his private assets for the restaurant he runs “Zum Klosterbruder” in downtown Anklam.

Creditors have until November 23rd

With regard to the claims of the creditors and the profitability of the company, the insolvency administrator decided last week to stop the restaurant in the Klosterbruder immediately. It is now up to the creditors to submit their claims by November 23, 2020. According to lawyer Jörg Sievers, his client is quite cooperative in the cooperation, but the sole decision-making power over the bankruptcy estate is now in the hands of the administrator.

The liquidation of his bar is currently not the only concern of the Anklamers, who are attributed connections to the right-wing scene: In another legal proceeding, A. has just been convicted of dangerous bodily harm against a 15-year-old. He faces 18 months in prison; The verdict is not yet legally binding.

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