To speed up the restart of campus, California will reserve new crown vaccine for teachers and others_Newsom

Original title: In order to accelerate the restart of the campus, California will reserve a new crown vaccine for teachers and others

Chinanews, February 20th, a comprehensive report, California Governor Newsom announced on the 19th that the state will soon reserve a part of the new crown vaccine for educators, school staff and childcare workers. According to reports, the number of vaccines reserved will account for 10% of the state’s first vaccine inventory.

According to reports, Newsom said that this work will begin on March 1. The initial goal is to vaccinate educators with at least 75,000 doses a week as part of the effort to restore face-to-face teaching in schools as soon as possible.

Data map: On February 16, the mass vaccination station set up in Oakland Stadium, California, was opened to eligible people.Photo by China News Agency reporter Liu Guanguan

In California, teachers and childcare workers have been listed as a priority group for vaccination. They can be vaccinated by Pfizer or Modena’s new crown vaccine by appointment.

According to reports, Newsom’s plan announced on the 19th will require an additional part of the vaccine to be reserved, accounting for 10% of the state’s first vaccine inventory, so that the school can open its campus as soon as possible.

When Newsom announced the decision, the nation was discussing whether the school should be reopened immediately. Republicans called for speeding up this process, while Democrats, under the strong lobbying of the teachers’ union, advocated a more cautious approach.

According to reports, California is also working to distribute vaccines to all priority groups, with the goal of 4 million doses per week. So far, the state has completed 6.9 million vaccine doses.Return to Sohu to see more

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