To see Heppenheim at the Super Bowl –

On Sunday to Monday, many Hessians are wacking the night and watching the Super Bowl. 800 million viewers worldwide tune in. And: Hessen will also be seen at the Super Bowl! At least during the advertising break …

You can see the XXL commercial at the end of the article

The city of Heppenheim in southern Hesse plays a “role” in the new Porsche commercial. The XXL version can now be seen on YouTube, a short version should run at the Super Bowl.

Scenes shot on the market square

There is always a big fanatic about the promotional films, the companies really go out of their way to show something that everyone is talking about. Porsche also shot in Heppenheim for the Super Bowl commercial. And scenes from the city on Bergstrasse will also be shown on Sunday in the short version of the Super Bowl, as FFH has learned.

Action films for the Super Bowl

You can see how the yellow, red and white speedsters roar across the Heppenheimer Marktplatz. Squeaky tires at the fountain, real action maneuvers in the narrow streets, the half-timbered houses … We think: Really well done!


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