“To see all our flowerbeds wither, how sad”

“The City of Thionville must be exemplary”. Patricia Renaux, Deputy Delegate for Ecological Transition and the Living Environment is formal: “The effort must be collective”. The new prefectural decree of 29 July places the Sillon moselle in a heightened alert situation which further tightens the water restriction measures. “To see all our flowerbeds wither, how sad. When you know what that means in terms of team investment…”. From now on, all the beds of annual flowers located at the city entrances, on the Merlin roundabouts, Napoleon Park, Carrefour, Leclerc, Cormontaigne, in front of the Concorde, etc., will be left to their sad fate. Same thing for lawns where automatic watering has been suspended.

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Very targeted watering

“All the window boxes that adorn the villages, the ornamental bins as well as the large pots of Rive en fête will disappear and will be stored in the municipal greenhouses to save what can be saved”, continues the elected official. However, “very targeted” watering necessary for the preservation of the tree heritage will be maintained at the foot of young trees and shrubs. The ephemeral garden located on Place Au-Bois in the hyper center, considered an island of freshness, will also be spared from the restrictions. “We still have a little rainwater left in the cisterns of the city that we will use for this purpose”, our still the deputy mayor. Finally, the cleaning of sidewalks and roads will be limited exclusively to the pedestrian area and to public health requirements.

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