To Saudi eyes … Fifi Abdo gives the Saudis a “hot” dance link on the occasion of National Day!

The Egyptian show dancer aroused Fifi Abdo There was widespread controversy in the way it congratulated the Saudi people on the occasion The 90th National Day.

Fifi Abdo published a video on her page on “Instagram”.homelandShe wears a transparent dress and dances to the rhythms of the song “Aywa” by Saudi artist Mohammed Abdo on the National Day.

Fifi Abdo commented on the video: “Greetings to Saudi Arabia … the song is the song“ Aywa, ”by the artist Muhammad Abdo, with your love.

The public mocked her choice of Mohamed Abdo’s song to dance to, as her tunes were calm and not suitable for dancing, while others demanded that she respect her age and act as appropriate.

Fifi Abdo sparked controversy in the northern coast a few days ago by using the remainder of her body in which she tries to market herself as a sexy woman, despite her approaching seventh decade, by wearing naked and revealing clothes for large parts of her body, to gain interaction by followers on communication sites.

Vivi published a video in which she appeared in a dress, completely exposed from the top of her chest. And she dances to one of the songs, and commented, “Oh good evening from the northern coast, with your love so much.”

It is worth noting that Saudi Today, Wednesday, activities to celebrate the 90th Saudi National Day began.

Watch also: She uncovered her stomach and shook her buttocks to the song “Seven and a Palm” .. “Watch” Model Rose gives Saudis a special National Day dance!

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