“To go to the bar and dance”; Poppy wants Janis to make money by stripping

Latvian television show star Magone Šutoviene has found a suitable occupation for her husband Žanis Šutovs so that the man can earn money.

Like STV first! In the show “Celebrities. Without Filter” points out Poppy, there is no need to put Jeanny to the ground or pull trees in the woods, if a man could dance a striptease and make money on it.

“To go to the bar and dance. There will be a salary, there will be fulfillment in working life, well, as they say, in a career. Your job and everything,” Magone shares the revelation. She has realized that in this way Žanis will also be able to earn a living for her family.

“So many benefits with one shot. He likes music,” Magone explains.

We have already writtenthat Magone discovered that Jean ‘s reluctance to work was causing problems in the couple’ s relationship. She expressed hope that one day Jeanne would find a job and be able to “get her out of the house”. Poppy does not hide that Jean does not get caught up in homework either.

“I need to have a cool, strong, steady, responsible shoulder next to me. The fact that there is something at home basically doesn’t add to that picture,” says Magone openly.

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