To encourage residents to get vaccinated, New York offers $ 100 for a first dose

Bill de Blasio wants to breathe new life into the New York vaccination campaign. The mayor of the “Big Apple” has decided to hit hard by offering residents who will receive their first dose to touch 100 dollars from Friday, July 30.

In a midweek press conference, he announced several incentives. About 57% of the population of New York is vaccinated, which is insufficient. It is therefore time to convince the remaining 26%.

Other measures have emerged since the start of the vaccination campaign: fast-food menus, tickets to the amusement park or even lottery tickets.

The Delta variant is very present at Big Apple. The health obligations have just been reinforced with in particular the obligation for 300,000 officials (firefighters, teachers, police officers, etc.) to be vaccinated or, failing that, to be tested every week.

The same goes for the state of New York with the added bonus of the obligation for caregivers to go through the vaccine box. Other states should follow the same path.



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