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04/29/20 18:27
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Cologne (ots) – safety first

Raimund Neuss on corona vaccines

The corona pandemic sets new priorities: While we Europeans are anxious that our dairy cows just haven’t eaten any GM maize, we can’t wait to be sprayed against Covid-19 genetically modified vaccine viruses, such as those used by the University of Oxford developed together with the Darmstadt Merck Group. Or even pure genetic material, bound to nanoparticles.

Across the board, all vaccine developers are relying on dramatically accelerated approval procedures, and that makes people take notice. Even if the products really did offer lasting protection – which is not trivial for coronaviruses – in most cases the preparations would be completely new. Correspondingly extensive studies would be necessary. The suspicion arises that the pressure of the crisis should be used to circumvent standards.

Having no vaccine at all is the greater risk – with this argument, the state-owned Paul Ehrlich Institute advertised accelerated approval procedures back in March. This is fatally reminiscent of the swine flu pandemic. In 2010, a certain Christian Drosten said that no side effect of the Pandemrix vaccine could be as bad as the consequences of the flu itself. The Germans did not listen to him at the time. The drug was injected millions of times in Scandinavia. This resulted in severe vaccine damage in children. This experience by no means speaks against vaccinations as such, but it does indeed support maintaining safety standards even in the days of the pandemic.

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