To celebrate the Chinese People’s Police Day, the Ministry of Justice solemnly swears to the police flag

Original Title: To celebrate the Chinese People’s Police Day, the Ministry of Justice solemnly swears to the police flag

January 10 is the first “Chinese People’s Police Day”, and the Ministry of Justice held a celebration of Chinese People’s Police Day.

At the celebration, all the people’s policemen of the Ministry of Justice dressed in police uniforms, saluted to the police flag and solemnly swore an oath to review the “People’s Police Oath”. The music sounded and the audience sang the “Chinese People’s Police Police Song”. In the zhengzheng oath and the sonorous battle song, look back from the original heart, keep in mind the sacred mission, and strengthen your ideals and beliefs.

The Minister of Justice Tang Yijun requested that the political character of loyalty to the party should be tempered, the ideological foundation of loyalty to the party should be firmly established, the absolute leadership of the party should be upheld and strengthened, political discipline and political rules should be strictly observed, and the party and the people should be resolutely trusted and reliable. , Can rest assured.To practiceserviceThe original mission of the people is to stick to the bottom line of safety, practice the purpose of transformation, protect the rights and interests of the people, and effectively enhance the people’s sense of gain, happiness, and security.We must adhere to the value orientation of justice in law enforcement and firmly grasp law enforcementjobsThe lifeline of fairness and justice, comprehensively promote strict, fair and civilized law enforcement, accelerate the establishment of a standardized and efficient restriction and supervision system, and comprehensively promote law enforcementWorking standardStandardization, rule of law.We must grasp the inherent requirements of strict discipline and implement the management of the party and the policeresponsibility, Strengthen the comprehensive management of prisons, pay close attention to the construction of discipline and style, vigorously promote the spirit of heroes and models, and strive to forge the “four irons” and “five hards” prison drug rehabilitation people’s police iron army.

(Source: Economic Daily-China Economic Net

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