To avoid risks with omicron, schools in NYC will apply second doses to 5-year-olds | Video | Univision 41 New York WXTV

that will be ahead. Returnwith you.patricia: to avoid riskswith the omicron variant,apply the second dose of thecovid 19 vaccine for childrenfrom 5 years. they injected thestudents and to explain ifappointments are needed or not ourspartner isabel peralta gil sewent to one of these sites inmanhattan.isabel: good morning. we arehere in front of this school inwashington heights, is one ofthe schools whereparents can go today so thatyour child can be vaccinated, yourgreater concern as tureyou mentioned at the beginning andauthorities are urgingnow to those who never to whatvaccinate your children due tothat the variant is expectedfrom delta I got here to thenew york city in thepóximos ías could beinclusive. they have reportedcases in very close placesasia and europe. mayor billde blasio is saying that I knowthe variant and it isworking closely withthe centers for control anddisease prevention andalthough not long agobegan to vaccinate between 5 and11 years old, and that he says thisvaccination in this group hasurging one to seriously aparents to vaccinatetheir children. that they receive thesecond dose those that alreadyreceived the first in theabsolute and now is the timeto do so.we talked with doctor raónround and that ate us.there are campaigns ofmisinformation that is verystrong and very efficient,unfortunately the populationsvulnerable to these are the oneswings are dying.the virus found are wings ofthe people who are notvaccinated. if you canget infected but the diseasethey have is very slight or almostasymptotic.Isabel: also the authoritiesThey are recommending to alladults who get vaccinated, whoreceive the third dose ofreinforcements if it is his turn. themayor says the wayHow can you attack by attackingto the delta variant which isguilty of 95% of casesof coronavirus here in newYork and also esányour mask at allclosed environmentsregardless of whether it isvaccinated or not. for wingsvaccination for these children of5 11 years can also go tounivision new york.


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