TNI members kick Arema supporters during the Kanjuruhan tragedy and apologize

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Members of the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI AD) who kicked fans when the tragedy of Kanjuruhan, Unfortunately, I apologize to the victim’s family.

The moment of apology was captured in a video that circulated on social media. Once the apology video was confirmed, the army intelligence chief Colonel Arh Hamim Tohari confirmed it.


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“That’s right, I apologized,” Hamim said when contacted on Wednesday (5/10).

Based on the video in circulation, the TNI member admitted he made a mistake. He said it in front of the victim’s family. The TNI member was seen accompanied by another TNI member.

As for the victim’s family, they regret the actions taken by the TNI members.

“If my son is wrong, if he destroys, disturbs, I’m fine, really, but my son’s position doesn’t do anything. I’m the one who regrets it,” said the woman in the video.

“But God willing, will you forgive me, madam?” asked another member.

“Yes, if so, I’m sorry, because I met her personally,” the woman said again.

Earlier, TNI commander general Andika Perkasa said his group examined five soldiers linked to the Kanjuruhan tragedy.

Andika said four of the soldiers examined had the rank of second sergeant. As for another person who holds the rank of soldier.

“So far we have examined five soldiers, check this because there is preliminary evidence. Of these five, four admitted, but one did not, but we did not give up,” Andika said at the Presidential Palace on Wednesday (5/10).

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The TNI also conducted an examination of the TNI officer responsible for the incident. Andika secures sanctions for soldiers who have been shown to have violated.

«Yes, of course, according to article at least paragraph 351 of the penal code, at least paragraph 1, not to mention that then article 126 of the penal code exceeds his authority to act. At least that’s how we have to continue and each of these items has a threat of punishment, “he said.

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