TMW – Fiorentina, Commisso: “Offered 40 million gross in 5 years to Vlahovic. I’m a bit annoyed”


The president of Fiorentina, Rocco Commisso, spoke at 360 ° about the negotiation of Vlahovic’s renewal on the sidelines of an event in Florence. These are his words collected by TMW: “I do not know if he will sign, we are calm. We have been working on it for months, one day we are positive, others less. But I am neither positive nor negative. his agents, then I talk to the prosecutors and they tell me that I have to talk to the player. We in Florence are professionals and we do everything seriously. The agent comes here to negotiate, he has to negotiate. the largest figure ever given to a Fiorentina player, including Batistuta and Rui Costa “.

How can you not sign such a contract?
“He’s taking a big risk, I told him. We offer him a 5-year contract at 40 million euros gross. I was working a year to take what it would take in two or three days. I don’t know where it has come with. this football “.

Are you getting annoyed?
“A little bit yes, Fiorentina is not just Vlahovic, the group is there and we want to keep it focused.”

When will he wait?
“What should I do? I would like it to be done immediately, I would have liked the question to be resolved after the last stop of the Nationals, but it did not happen”.

Speaking of current affairs. Napoli will arrive on Sunday, what do you expect from the Viola fans?
“If we want to be respected we must respect others. Chants have been made against the people of the south, with those of Juventus it is long over, bad words have been said about Vlahovic in Bergamo and these things cannot be done. We want to welcome Napoli fans in Florence, hoping they lose. De Laurentiis did great things, but he didn’t spend anything to buy the club. “

What match are you waiting for against Napoli?
“I am optimistic that the boys will play a great match.”

Is Vlahovic’s agent thinking about the player?
“The truth is that I don’t know. One day he does one thing, another day he does another. I just hope they respect Fiorentina, Florence and Commisso. I’m doing my best for him and I have always had a great relationship with Dusan “.



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