“TMB” indicates the Thai business trend in 64, revealing 2 groups have recovered, except for travel, airlines

“TMB” indicates the Thai business trend in 64, revealing 2 groups have recovered, except for travel, airlines

On February 19, 64, the TMB Analytics Center for Economic Analysis, for the year 2021 assessed the recovery of the business sector, far from normal income levels. Although overall Thai business income has improved 2.1% from last year, income is still lower than that of 2019 (this is a year when the economy is in normal condition -14.6%, indicating recovered businesses include electronics and parts, healthcare, IT and telecom. Electrical appliances and parts, and food. Reviving businesses include packaging, beverages, building materials, chemicals, consumer products. Vehicles and parts Machinery and equipment Construction contractor And businesses that have not yet recovered include paper and print products. Real estate, furniture, air freight, fashion and tourism He suggested that entrepreneurs look for opportunities from economic factors that support their businesses and market more online channels. And advising the government to increase support for businesses that have recovered and are recovering to normal And support businesses that have not recovered through hardships

Thai businesses still face challenges After the beginning of last year COVID-19 epidemic The new wave has risen again. It is considered a monsoon that will weaken the purchasing power of the country. And the confidence of Thai businesses to decline Estimate that the COVID-19 outbreak Will remain in Thailand for at least one year Overall, the severity of the outbreak will not be much. This is because the government sector has experience in the epidemic control based on geospatial risk which has received good cooperation. From both the private and public sectors, however, the problem of the outbreak will still exist. If it is to be permanently resolved, there is a need to wait for the vaccine to prevent disease to be widely used to the people, so in this year, operators would inevitably be affected.

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In addition, the impact of COVID on corporate income for the past 2020 (financial statement data from the Department of Business Development data) showed that the total income of the business sector fell by more than -16.3% and TMB Analytics analyzed trends. Business in 2021, assessed from 1) economic factors such as the trend of global economic recovery. The agricultural sector has improved both in terms of demand and supply. Government measures The service sector is not very good due to the control of the epidemic in the country and abroad. 2) The market structure factor is the level of dependence on the domestic and foreign markets. Dependence on the service sector and 3) consumer behavior factors such as social spacing. Home work Online trading And analyzed these three factors together

The TMB Analytics study expects the total income of Thai businesses in 2021 to increase by 2.1% from the previous year, but revenue is still lower than that of 2019, a year that has not been affected by the outbreak of Thailand. COVID reached -14.6%, with recovered businesses expected to expand 2.8% from the previous year, and recovering businesses to expand 2.5% from the previous year, while non-recovering businesses contracted from -1.2 last year. % However, the recovery trend of each business is analyzed by comparing the business revenue trend in 2021 with the business revenue in 2019, which can be divided into 3 groups as follows:

1. The revived business group (Business income in 2021 is higher than that of 2019) including food, farms, rubber, electronics and parts. Health business IT and Telecom Electrical appliances and parts By benefiting from improved exports following the global economy recovering. Social spacing behavior Home work Online trading And more health care

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2.The business group is reviving (Revenue in 2021 is lower than in 2019 between 80-100%) including packaging, beverages, building materials, chemicals, business services, consumer products Vehicles and parts Machinery and equipment, steel and metal, agricultural products, energy, construction This group tends to recover following consumption and investment in the country, which are expected to gradually recover from exports. And government assistance measures But will not fully recover Still have to wait for the COVID-19 vaccine. To be injected thoroughly to the people of the country

3.Business that has not yet recovered (Revenue in 2021 is below 80% compared to 2019) including paper and print products. Real estate, furniture, personal service Air Freight, Fashion Goods, Travel Business Belong to the category of goods, services and luxury products Which has been affected by the declining purchasing power And also affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Although there is hope, a vaccine against COVID-19 But the injection rate will not be comprehensive this year. In addition, after the injection, it still has to wait for the confidence of consumers to return first. So it will start to recover

From that information Encourage entrepreneurs to find opportunities from their own business. By assessing economic factors such as the global economic recovery Improved agricultural sector And government assistance measures That there are any parts that the business will receive any benefits And consider doing more online marketing Due to socially spaced consumer behavior, work at home and shop online more and more.

In addition, the government should increase support for businesses that have recovered and are recovering to normal, for example, the global economic recovery is an opportunity for export businesses. The government sector should accelerate negotiations with trading partners to sell more products. Including taking care of the baht not to appreciate too much Agricultural products showed an improvement. The government sector should support the cost reduction of agricultural products to make farmers and entrepreneurs more profitable, etc. For businesses that have not yet recovered. The public sector can help sustain entrepreneurs through this difficult task. By using assistance measures such as providing liquidity loans Including extending debt for businesses that cannot continue their business Until the business is able to resume business as before again.

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