Titisee-Neustadt: Police asks for clues to identify an unknown dead person in Titisee-Neustadt – found Saturday,

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On Saturday, September 12th, 2020, there is an unknown person in Titisee-Neustadt
male person died. According to the current state of investigation, there are no indications of outside interference. Since the deceased has not yet been identified, the police are asking for information from the population.

Description of the deceased:

– around 20-30 years old, hair color dark brown, eye color
green / blue, skin color rather light, slim, shoe size FR: 44;
US: 10, UK: 9½, no tattoos or scars

– to clothes: green / turquoise T-shirt, gray-blue jeans of the
Brand “MUSTANG” (model: VEGAS), black and gray Adidas sneakers
with white sole (model: Adidas sneaker DAILY 3.0; black-gray), black socks, brown leather belt

– The deceased was carrying a “DRUM” brand tobacco pouch (tobacco
to roll yourself) and a light green lighter with you.

Who knows the person described? The police are available around the clock on tel. 0761 / 882-2880.

Further contributions from the Freiburg Police Headquarters

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