TISCO launches “TUSBOND Fund” focusing on high-quality debt securities in the US

Tuesday 07 February 2023

TISCO Asset Management offers TISCO US Fixed Income Fund (TUSBOND) Focus on investing in US bonds with stability Ready to increase the opportunity to generate increased returns from investing in good quality private debt securities. Benefit from the US interest rate. at a high level, offering for sale in the IPO 6-14 February 2023

Mr. Saharat Chatsuwan, Deputy Managing Director TISCO Asset Management Company Limited Revealed that in 2023, stock markets around the world will continue to face volatility. because the inflation rate is still at a high level The risk that the global economy will enter a recession and monetary policy from various central banks around the world that is still strict

Therefore, TISCO Asset Management considers that If increasing the weight of investment in funds that have a policy to invest in US debt instruments Good quality will be another option to seek returns. And help diversify risks while reducing investment portfolio volatility because currently US bonds Good quality yields at a high level following the US Federal Reserve’s (Fed) interest rate hike, which the market expects that this year the Fed will raise interest rates to about 5% or more. In the future, if US interest Weaken in the direction of weak inflation. There is an opportunity that investing in this instrument will receive increased returns in the form of Capital Gain as well.

And for investors who can not accept much risk and volatility Opportunity to generate good returns amidst the highly uncertain economy TISCO Asset Management Co., Ltd. therefore offers TISCO US Fixed Income Fund (TUSBOND), risk level 4 (medium-low risk), investing in investment units of JPMorgan Funds – US Aggregate Bond, Type C (acc. ) – USD, which has a policy to invest at least 67% of the master fund’s asset value in credit-rated fixed income securities that can be invested. issued or guaranteed by the government or government agencies of the United States or entities or companies incorporated or principally engaged in the United States of America Offering for the first time from February 6-14, 2023, the minimum subscription value is 1,000 baht.

“The TUSBOND fund is unique in that it is a fund that focuses on investing in US bonds. both US bonds and private debt securities at the investment grade level only, which can be considered stable. Opportunity to benefit from US interest that is already at a very high level as well as increasing the opportunity to receive increased returns from future interest rate declines. and corporate bonds in the United States At present, the average return is at 5% or more, the average maturity of debt instruments in the investment portfolio is more than 5 years, and only about 30% of the investment is in corporate debt instruments, with the rest being government debt instruments. and hedge against exchange rate risk at the fund manager’s discretion. Currently, the fund is about 90% hedged against foreign exchange risk while having the opportunity to earn good returns from high returns,” said Sahrach.

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Investors should understand product characteristics, conditions, returns and risks before investing. The fund may be exposed to foreign exchange risk from overseas investment. The fund has a policy to hedge against exchange rate risk at the discretion of the fund manager. For more information or to request a prospectus, please contact TISCO Asset Management or TISCO My Funds application at every branch of TISCO Bank or TISCO Contact Center Tel. 02-633-6000 press 4.

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